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Left Hook, Right Jab


Who won the Republican primary debate?

R: I think that Nikki Haley won the last Republican primary debate. I do not have many comments, as I am not amused at the state of the current Republican primary, but I will say that my detestation for Vivek has increased since this most recent fiasco. The fact that he so shamelessly dragged Nikki Haley’s daughter into a conversation over TikTok (which is as bad an app as most of the Republican contenders are candidates) shows how far our politics has descended. I am disgusted by the personal attack so present in our politics today. Politics must remain focused on policy debates and not be reduced to petty points and diatribes against people’s families. 

L: Ron DeSantis won the third Republican primary debate. Tim Scott and Chris Christie failed to make an impact on the debate stage. Desantis, Nikki Haley, and Vivek Ramaswamy were the focus of this debate. Polls show voters overwhelmingly prefer raising taxes on the wealthy– including over 60% of Republicans– over raising the retirement age to address the solvency of social security. Social security is one of the “third rail” issues in the United States, in that it is so charged and untouchable that taking such an unpopular stance is generally a harbinger of a soon-to-be-dead campaign. Christie and Haley both supported raising the retirement age. Ramaswamy supported gutting the federal bureaucracy to solve the solvency of social security. These two plans will do nothing to address this daunting issue. DeSantis was the only candidate who explicitly opposed raising the retirement age.

Will Joe Manchin run with No Labels? 

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L: Joe Manchin will not run with No Labels. Joe Manchin is a loyal Democrat when it relates to opposing Republicans and Donald Trump. He voted to remove Donald Trump from office during both his impeachment trials. Manchin would not take such a drastic step that would only serve to put Donald Trump closer to the White House.

R: Joe Manchin will run with No Labels because he clearly has no other future in politics. I do not think Manchin is merely an opportunist, but his political career is on the cusp of death. If he were to run for Senator again, he would most likely get obliterated by Governor Jim Justice, and he has no other chance at election in staunchly Republican West Virginia. While he would not win the election as a No Labels candidate, he would at least give history books a reason to remember his name. 

Why should students join your club?

R: Students should join our club because the club is committed to helping them further their interests in politics. Forgive me if this sounds trite, but it is true. I want all of my club’s members to have the opportunities they desire to get involved in politics and the campaigns they wish. Since the beginning of this year, we have had opportunities to go to events and meet Senator Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Governor Ron DeSantis. Our club got tickets to see the Trump town hall last May and we’ve also met with other New Hampshire officials, such as Governor Chris Sununu and former Senate President Chuck Morse in the past. Our club also hosts a wide array of political diversity, having members who range from moderate to Trumpian, and even a monarchist (I wonder who that could be). I encourage all people who are interested to stop by one of our meetings in the future and see what we’re all about.

L: Students should join College Democrats because we provide numerous opportunities for community and political engagement, access to internship and campaign opportunities, and other avenues for learning and development.

Will Jay Ruais’ victory in Manchester hurt Joyce Craig’s gubernatorial bid?

L: Ruais’ victory in Manchester bears no weight on Craig’s gubernatorial bid. Joyce Craig has successfully led Manchester for six years after twelve disastrous years of Republican leadership in the city. Ruais’ election was a failure on the part of the Democratic operation in Manchester to fully mobilize as it had for Joyce Craig in previous years. Mayor Craig’s and the Democratic-controlled Board of Alderman’s successes stand out on their own. While Republicans won the mayoral race, they failed to capture a majority on the Aldermanic Board and the School Board, substantially limiting Ruais’ future success if he chooses to pursue more conservative policies. As a resident of Manchester, I wish Ruais the best when his term starts. While I disagree with some of his policies, his campaign’s positive view of Manchester was a refreshing break from the typical negative, antagonistic Republican rhetoric.

R: Yes, the fact that Manchester went Republican in the mayor’s race is a good sign for Republicans looking to retain the governor’s seat in 2024.


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