Athletics Director shares accomplishments in Saint Anselm athletics, goals for the future

Joe Gill, Crier Staff

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Joe Gill: How has your first year at Saint Anselm gone?

Kelly Higgins: The first 7 months have been outstanding. One of my biggest goals has been to get to know the people of Saint Anselm, the Athletics staff and student-athletes, how we operate, the history of the programs, all of the sports, the NE10, the ECAC, Manchester, New England again, etc. Everyone I’ve met that’s been associated with Saint Anselm Athletics has been open, friendly, willing to help and easy to work with both on and off campus, and have the best interest of the student-athlete in mind. The students here are among the best anywhere, which can clearly be seen by the retention, graduation rates and academic honors received.


JG: What have you accomplished this year?

KH: The most important accomplishment is taking place on a daily basis, the education of our student-athletes in the classroom, in competition and in their daily lives. Other accomplishments include: Co-sponsoring anti-hazing presentation with Student Life as part of Respect Week, new marketing programs installed including outreach with the Manchester Union Leader and WGAM radio, weekly coaches show, M/W basketball broadcast, and advertising during ESPN sports broadcasts, among many other accomplishments. (to see the full list of accomplishments please visit our website


JG: What are some goals you have set for the department moving forward?

KH: The primary mission is basic: Focus on how we can help our student-athletes achieve success athletically, academically and in their lives away from Saint Anselm. Core objectives, which are broken out into multiple goals per program, are designed to help reach for that mission include, but are not limited to the following.

Academic Integrity & Leadership: Dedication to the principles of academic excellence, the encouragement of degree completion, the development of the whole person, and support in securing a productive place in society for all student-athletes.

Athletic Achievement: Dedication to maximum athletic performance within a Benedictine environment focused on sportsmanship.

Fiscal Integrity: Development and maintenance of comprehensive fiscal policies and practices to ensure control and accountability throughout the program.

Governance: Compliance with Federal, State, College, NCAA and Conference regulations.

Personal Development: Encourage all personnel and student-athletes toward personal and professional growth.

Quality Support: Dedication to providing the finest staff, facilities, services and equipment to ensure that all student-athletes have the opportunity to train and compete in a safe and supportive atmosphere.


JG: How has your transition been to the east coast and the New England winters?

KH: Remember, I graduated from Temple University in Philadelphia, have worked 7-8 years in DC and have visited New England/NH several times before as part of the NCAA Ski Committee and National Championships. I’m enjoying every minute as I have finally found a couple of good places to get wings, have good friends in the “area” – I define area as anywhere between Canada and DC, and while the winter snow here (NEMO!) can be a fond reminder of my time in AK, the weather is much better here than dealing with those long stretches in Fairbanks where winter temps stay below –30, day or night, and it’s dark out most of the day! The only transition issue I’m working on is with an idiosyncrasy of some NH drivers, the tendency to stop on interstate entrance ramps!


To close, Dr. Higgins had this message for the student body at Saint Anselm, ” I urge all Saint Anselm College students to be on the look out for a new promotion I’m hoping to get approved for our upcoming WBB/MBB home games – you just might have a chance to win up to one semester of tuition, BUT YOU’LL HAVE TO SHOW UP AT THE GAME TO HAVE A CHANCE!! In the process you can cheer on your classmates. With your help we can achieve even more, perhaps a NE10 championship and NCAA tourney selection!”

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