Club Golf team seeks SGA approval for fall

Tim Wirzburger, Crier Staff

The conclusion of the Masters Tournament last weekend saw Adam Scott win the coveted green jacket, becoming the first Australian to ever win the tournament. Golf has become increasingly popular over the last several years and it has become a sport that anybody can enjoy, regardless of age or skill level.
The popularity of the sport has not eluded the students on the Hilltop, and now they will get another chance to play at a fun but competitive level. Freshmen Tom Owens and Dalton Rolli are starting a Club Golf team and hope to compete in the Fall, pending approval from SGA.
Both Owens and Rolli played growing up and for their high schools and wanted to continue to play in an organized fashion. Owens contacted the National Collegiate Club Golf Association regarding how to start a team.
“We’ve been talking with Dr. Horton who has been very helpful and accommodating,” said Rolli, “And we’re working on an agreement with local golf courses to use as our home course.”
If and when they get approved by SGA, they will be drafting a constitution and begin looking for funding. It’s SGA policy that a club does not get funded for its first year, so the guys are hoping to get sponsors and raise money at fundraisers.
They will compete in the New England division of the NCCGA and play teams like BU, BC, Holy Cross, and UNH. The season will be split between the fall and spring, with two regional tournaments during each semester along with individual matches against other schools.
The boys stress that all students, regardless of year, gender, or skill level, are welcome to join the team. Only eight people will compete at each tournament, but anybody can be a member of the team to practice and enjoy the game.
“It’s really just a chance for students to be part of a friendly organization, golf at discounted rates, and hopefully compete against some talented teams,” said Owens.
Anybody interested should contact the boys via email at [email protected] or [email protected], follow the team on Twitter at @SACclubgolf, and watch out for emails for a meeting sometime this spring.