Sports and Sandwiches: Talk Show In Davison Brings Students To Attention

Scott Murphy, Crier Staff

Every Tuesday at lunchtime, Davison transforms from a dining hall into a makeshift recording studio that houses a weekly analysis of everything SAC sports related on the “Coaches Show.”

The weekly program was conceived by Director of Athletic Communications Eric Coplin just last year, with the intention of providing supplemental coverage of SAC sports teams and the progress of their seasons.

He wanted to give the student body the ability to connect to the athletes on a more personal level, so as to attend SAC games in order to support both the school and the players.

Coplin reached out to ESPN NH to attempt to accomplish this endeavor, and was able to create the show with host Nick Anastos, who also provides color commentary for SAC’s football games.

The result was an hour long show taped over phone, with Anastos at his ESPN NH office in Nashua and representatives from SAC athletics in Coplin’s office on campus.

Over the course of the hour of airtime, exclusive insight and behind the scenes information is revealed through interviews of various coaches, athletes and trainers.

Coplin shared that the goal is to always “mix it up” and provide unique content each week, as well as stir up much-deserved pride and support for the efforts of SAC’s athletes.

After the show is finished, it is broadcasted from 5:30 to 6:30 on ESPN NH’s radio station (1250 AM) and website (

Coplin highlighted the perks of having this prime time slot, explaining that it allows people to tune in while making their commute back from work.

Since its inception last year, the show has been able to expand immensely.

It now enjoys the setting of studio style setting in Davison, where Anastos and his guests have the ability to have a more personal and rewarding face to face conversation.

On his experience with hosting the show, Anastos expressed positive sentiments, sharing that “I enjoy the insight I gain from speaking with the players, coaches, and administrators.”

He added that the “Response from the Saint Anselm community has been tremendous. Students are packing Davison Hall each week.”

Coplin, however, had more mixed thoughts on the campus’ reaction. He noted that weekly twit pics and tweets of and about the players have been garnering considerable attention, with these updates being retweeted and/or starred by members of the student body.

Some doubts were expressed when discussing the taping in Davison with Coplin though, as he wondered whether the students present were there to eat and listen or if the taping is merely an annoyance. He added that this may be due to the show’s relative infancy and a lack of understanding about the show’s purpose among members of the student body, which will hopefully change as the show progresses.

Thankfully, the nightly broadcast seems to have already seen success. Anastos shared that SAC alumni have reached out to him to comment on the show and express their enjoyment.

In regards to future, both Coplin and Anastos have expressed interest in expanding the show further.

Diversity in guests and content is always a goal according to Coplin, and Anastos expressed interest in diving further in-depth with the upcoming winter season and highlighting as many teams and student-athletes as possible.