Katlyn Fisher Athlete Profile

Cody Jones, Sports Editor

Katlyn Fisher is a person who is very competitive and not afraid to try something new. The senior Women’s Rugby scrum-half never stepped foot onto a Rugby field until the beginning of her freshman year at St. A’s.

Katlyn, who is from California, started playing Rugby because of her sister. “My sister tried out for Rugby and quit after only a few days. She said it was the hardest sport she had ever played. I decided to try out my freshman year because I wanted to beat her record of only a few days.” As it turned out, Katlyn fell in love with Rugby and has played all four years she has been at St. A’s.

As mentioned before, Katlyn is a scrum-half. For those who are not familiar with Rugby, a scrum-half plays in between the backs and the forwards and serves as a link between the two positions. The scrum-half is the closest rugby equivalent of a quarterback in football or a midfielder in soccer.

Some of Katlyn’s personal goals for this season are to “become a better scrum-half because the head coach was a scrum-half and I want to better utilize his techniques.” She also hopes to be named to the Rugby Northeast All Conference Team. In addition, Katlyn wants to be a leader for younger players by “pushing them past their limits of what they think they can do on the field, and help raise their overall rugby IQ. Hopefully this will ultimately help us win more games.”

Off the field Katlyn is a Nursing Major, and her favorite food is ice cream. Interestingly enough she does not have a favorite flavor. “I used to prefer mint over all other flavors, but now I mix in a variety and try to get a different kind every time I get ice cream.” Katlyn isn’t afraid to try new things, whether they are heavy contact sports or unique ice cream flavors.

Don’t forget to support Katlyn Fisher and the Women’s Rugby team at their upcoming games this fall!