Women’s Varsity Bowling rolling onto campus for 2022-2023


Courtesy/Saint Anselm Athletics Page

2011 Saint Anselm alum, Tim Frye, is set to be the college’s first ever Women’s bowling coach

Luke Sugar, Sports Editor

Saint Anselm College is excited to announce the school’s 19th varsity sport coming to campus. Women’s Bowling will be the 11th women’s varsity sport offered and is set to begin during the 2022-2023 school year. Tim Frye, a 2011 alum of Saint Anselm College, will be the coach of the new program.

The team will be an associate member of the East Coast Conference (ECC), made up of 13 other teams, and the Hawks will play both Division 1 and Division 2 programs. Frye wants to roster 8-12 bowlers and compete in 6-8 events over the course of the season. Frye has begun his recruitment process, but anyone interested in trying out as a walk-on is welcome. The Hawks will play and practice at Yankee Lanes in Manchester, where Frye is the pro shop operator and has coached youth bowling. 

Frye has a passionate love for the sport and has been surrounded by it his entire life. 

“I have bowled for 28 years against excellent competition, not only in the northeast but also around the nation. I have been coaching the last 15 years and recently became a pro shop operator as well. I love all aspects of the sport,” said Frye.

Frye also led Souhegan High School to a New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association state championship win in 2013. Frye has certainly had an impressive career as both a bowler and a coach. 

Now after being away from Saint Anselm for some time, Frye’s career is coming full circle as he makes his return to the Hilltop. 

“Saint Anselm was home to me during my attendance. I loved being a member of campus and the inviting atmosphere I feel only Saint Anselm can bring. The support from Saint Anselm as a whole will have a positive impact on our success as a team,” said Frye.

Frye also has high hopes as the first ever bowling coach at Saint Anselm. 

”It’s awesome to pilot a bowling program here at Saint Anselm. I am pretty sure I was the only bowler on campus and to now be able to recruit a new type of athlete to campus is exciting. Coaching this team allows me to coach a sport I love at the highest competitive level. And it being for Saint Anselm makes it all the more special,” said Frye.

Obviously, it’s no easy task for a new program to adjust to the competition they’ll be playing. However, Frye has high expectations for the team and wants to compete right from the get go.

Bowling is a sport that many people aren’t very familiar with. The sport requires skillful technique, extreme accuracy and a sound strategy. Every player will have a different feel for the game. 

“Bowling is a sport played on an invisible, ever-changing surface in which the integration of bowling ball selection to style dictates scoring,” said Frye. 

 Next year, be sure to make your way out to Yankee Lanes and cheer on the new Saint Anselm Women’s bowling team. Let’s help the program get rolling.