20 Questions with Nick Howard, star senior goalie for the men’s hockey team


Courtesy/ Hunter Newsham

Nick Howard stares down the puck

Luke Sugar, Sports Editor

Welcome to 20 Questions, a new column where we’ll showcase student-athletes around campus. We’ll ask them 20 thought-provoking questions, so you’ll get to see our student-athletes from a new perspective.

This week, we’re chatting with Nick Howard, star senior goalie for the men’s hockey team. 

#1: What’s your favorite thing about hockey?

A: That it’s the only place in the world where nothing else matters except for what’s right in front of me. It kind of takes all the pressures of life away and just allows me to be in the moment and be exactly where my feet are.

#2: What’s the hardest part about being a goalie?

A: Knowing when to beat yourself up and knowing when not to. I think that’s one of the biggest things that I struggle with. Sometimes, I’m a little too hard on myself, and that can negatively impact the way that I play going forward. That portion of the mental side of the game is probably the hardest. 

#3: What’s the best part about being a goalie?

A: Being that one guy who’s always on the ice, and when things are going south, you’re relied on. Also, I like the fact that I never have to get off the ice, and I can be a part of every good and bad moment throughout the game.    

#4: Who is your favorite player in the NHL?

A: It would probably have to be Marc-André Fleury. When I was a little kid, I definitely tried to mimic his goalie style. I remember watching him in The Winter Classic against The Capitals, and that’s when he became my favorite player. 

#5: What’s the best moment of your hockey career so far?

A: It would probably be my senior year at a public high school. I decided not to leave or go to a prep school, and I decided to stay with my hometown friends. We ended up being the fifth seed in the Massachusetts Super Eight, which was something our school hadn’t done before. 

#6: Who’s the teammate that’s most likely to be cracking jokes in the locker room?

A: Honestly, it’s probably me, or it’s my buddy Richie Colarusso. I’d say we’re the two guys on the team with the biggest mouths, and we’re always kind of chirping the boys in every direction. It’s usually unwarranted, but we just try to get a rise out of everybody and lighten the mood. 

#7: What’s the primary goal for this upcoming season?

A: First and foremost, just to win it all. There’s no individual accolades that even come close to team success. Last year, we let ourselves down in the last game, and this year our goal is just to win the whole thing.

#8: What’s your major here at school?

A: I’m a business and finance double major. 

#9: What’s your dream job?

A: I don’t have one yet. I think everyone is kind of supposed to feel like they know exactly what they want to do in life, but I don’t. I’m going to start out in sales probably right out of school. Right now, I’m looking at the real estate industry. Me and my teammates, [Matt] Hayes and [Chris] Lemay, are tossing around the idea of doing something with wealth management and insurance. I don’t have a full direction, but eventually, I will.   

#10: What’s your go-to pre-game meal? 

A: If my mom’s cooking, it’s gotta be her meatballs or her stuffed shells. And if me and my teammate Andy [Andary] are cooking, it’s ground beef with some honey bourbon seasoning, white rice and salad.

#11: Sticking with food, what’s on your plate at a family barbeque?

A: I’m going to go with ribs, burger and some chicken. Maybe some coleslaw, too, if it’s there. 

#12: What are your top three ice cream flavors?

A: Number one has gotta be Moose Tracks, it’s no contest. Number two, at school, is Graham Central Station. And number three is old school vanilla — you can’t go wrong.

#13: What’s your favorite place you’ve vacationed?

A: Probably Sebago Lake in Maine. My family used to go there a bunch when I was younger.

#14:Night out on the town, what are you wearing? 

A: At school, probably jeans, high-top converse, and the least-wrinkled shirt I can find. But if it’s here on campus, usually I’ll just go out in sweats and a T-shirt.  

#15: What’s your favorite video game? 

A: Gotta be Call of Duty. When me and the boys are here [at school] over winter break by ourselves, there’s not a whole lot to do besides just playing and traveling around for games. So, when we get back, a group of us will hop on and just have fun. 

#16: What’s your gaming console of choice?

A: Xbox, for sure.

#17: What’s your favorite movie and why?

A: Good Will Hunting, for a couple reasons. The cast in that movie is amazing. Also the message — everything about it is just heartwrenching, heartwarming, full across the spectrum. And, then, Robin Williams is my favorite actor, so it’s gotta be number one. 

#18: What’s your favorite thing about Saint Anselm College?

A: Probably the community aspect of it. Being able to walk around campus and knowing everyone’s face and name, and knowing that you’re a part of something that’s bigger than just the school itself. You’re part of the Saint Anselm community, which is awesome.

#19: What are some must-play songs when you’re on aux?

A: Oh, number one has gotta be Lucy, the Bryce Fox remix. Anyone who knows me, knows that it’s my favorite song, especially when we’re out and having fun. If that song comes on, I go a little crazy.

#20: What’s your biggest message for people in life?

A: Do what makes you happy. Be crazy, be obnoxious in your own way, and live the way you want to. Don’t be fake with people and don’t be fake with yourself. You don’t want to be in a situation where afterwards, you feel regret. The other huge thing I can say to someone is take your time. It’s not a race. We truly do only get one life to live, so you’re better off doing the things that you love than rushing to do things that society tells us we have to do.

This has been Nick Howard. Stay tuned for our next featured student athlete on 20 Questions.