20 Questions with Maggie Malloy, senior on the field hockey team



Let’s meet Maggie Malloy, FH senior

Luke Sugar, Sports Editor

Q1: What is your favorite thing about the game of field hockey?

A: I really appreciate how it is truly a team sport and you can’t do anything by yourself. You win or lose as a team, and everything you get done, you get done because everyone else did their job.

Q2: What are you going to miss the most about field hockey?

Practice. I mean, competitive games are fun, but there’s nothing like being able to practice something you love every day with a group of people and seeing how you can get better. It’s pretty cool.

Q3: What is your favorite field hockey memory throughout your entire career?

This past spring we had a Sunday all-day 7vs7 mini tournament. Two weeks leading up to it, morale was pretty low because it rained for two weeks straight, and it was just a tough time in the spring season. But we powered through and we were like “let’s get those free T-shirts and win the tournament.” And when the day came, we just crushed it, went undefeated through the tournament and won the whole thing. It was an awesome victory, and everybody got free T-shirts.

Q4: What are your plans in the future for field hockey?

I’ll probably take a break for a little while. Maybe I’ll get back into ice hockey. My stick is broken, and I’m borrowing my coach’s stick, so I’d have to get another stick for field hockey.

Q5: What’s your favorite thing about this specific team and group of girls?

My favorite thing is having gotten the opportunity to meet so many people that I wouldn’t have otherwise. There’s a lot of personalities, a lot of differences, but we make it work and come together. And I got a lot of unique experiences with people I probably wouldn’t have gotten to know as well as I did.

Q6: What’s your major at Saint Anselm College?

Behavioral neuroscience.

Q7: Dream job after college?

Becoming a professor. 

Q8: What’s your favorite TV show?

The Office.

Q9: What’s your go-to pregame snack? 

Pre-practice or pre-game, definitely a banana.

Q10: What’s your favorite season? 

The fall.

Q11: What’s your favorite holiday? 


Q12: Top three ice cream flavors?

Chocolate Brownie fudge, chocolate chip – that’s a classic – and cake batter

Q13: What did you dress up as for Halloween this year?

My roommate and I were Han Solo and Chewbacca. We’re big Star Wars fans.

Q14: What’s your favorite thing about Saint A’s if you had to pick?

I love how much history this place has in general, and then for me personally, my parents met here. A lot of my aunts and uncles went here, my siblings go here, and I made all my best friends here. So, everywhere is filled with memories and a lot of cool traditions that I’m really proud to be a part of

Q15: What’s your funniest Saint Anselm memory?

It was my junior year in the fall semester. It was the morning after my 21st birthday and the first day of classes. So I had stats class and I was already really nervous because I’m not great at math. I sat in the front row, and the professor came in with a really stern look on his face. He sighed and rolled his eyes at all of us, put his coffee down and wrote the longest equation I’ve ever seen on the board and said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Pull out your notebooks, and solve it.” And I was like, I’m dropping this class. I can’t do this. It was so stressful, and I was in a cold sweat. Three minutes passed, and everybody was just silent, like crying on the inside, and then he was like, “I’m kidding. This isn’t even a real question. I made up some of those symbols. This is not what that class will be.” And then he’s like, “It’s syllabus day, go home.” So he gave me a good scare and then a good laugh.

Q16: Favorite place that you’ve vacationed? 

I backpacked Europe this summer, so probably Sorrento, Italy.

Q17: You’re on aux at a party; what’s one must-play song?

The Rock of Ages version of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” done by Tom Cruise.

Q18: Favorite field hockey player to watch throughout your career as well as on this team?

“It’s easily our current assistant coach and a senior when I was a freshman, Kaeleigh Lord. She’s like a field hockey God, like insane. Watching her is like art. She’s incredible. There wasn’t even a left side to go down because she was just a brick wall. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. And currently, it’s probably a quick tie between Jackie Gaumer and Joanna Archambault because they’re incredible to watch. They’re always coming up with the ball, and the discipline and the tenacity is just such an incredible balance – something I aspire for. And playing against both of them makes me better every day. And it’s a lot of fun.

Q19: Favorite home-cooked meal? 

My favorite home-cooked meal is pulled pork mac and cheese. I just tried pulled pork for the first time last year, and I’m making up for lost time.

Q20: What’s your big takeaway in life that you want to share with everyone?

I think that thoughtfulness is the key to a happy life and a life that positively impacts everyone else. When you’re thoughtful about who you are, I think it makes you a better person, and I think it adds to the people around you. So, if you’re just trying to work on that, you probably can’t do too much wrong.