Who should have the starting quarterback job for the Patriots?

The Patriots sit at 4-4 as Jones and Zappe duel for the starting quarterback job


The Patriots sit at 4-4 as Jones and Zappe duel for the starting quarterback job

Benson Furber, Crier Staff

If you’re a New England sports fan, specifically a Patriots fan, you have heard about the ongoing Quarterback battle between Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe. No matter who you ask, they have a differing opinion on who should be under center for a struggling Patriots team, currently last in the AFC East with a record of 4 and 4.

Zappe, the 137th overall selection in this past year’s NFL draft was thrown into the fire when he was sent under center as a result of injury against the Green Bay Packers a few weeks ago. The Patriots would lose the contest on a field goal in overtime, but the 23 year old showed that he can ball.

Over the next few weeks, Zappe would lead the charge, turning the Patriots record around. He would lead the offense as the Patriots would obliterate the Detroit Lions, as well as helping the Pats blow out the Browns in Cleveland.

However, returning from injury, the former 10th overall draft pick from Alabama would find himself back in the starting position. After a leg injury in the Week 3 loss to the Ravens, Jones has struggled. It is rumored that he is still dealing with numerous injuries.

Jones would get the start against Chicago, however, he would be removed after an interception, putting Zappe back as the signal caller. Scoring two touchdowns quickly, Zappe would send a spark into a slow Pats offense. However, after these two drives in the second quarter, the offense fell quiet.

Jones would again get the start in the recent week’s victory against the Jets, making the whole situation that much trickier. 

In my opinion, I would currently have confidence saying that Zappe should be receiving the snaps from David Andrews. Yes, many will call me an unloyal fan. However, with Mac still dealing with injuries, I think Bailey should be under center.

When comparing physical attributes, I would again tilt the nod toward Zappe. Both hold the gunslinger style, however, since the end of training camp, one can see that Zappe has a stronger arm. NFL experience is limited, however, looking at Zappe’s final season with Western Kentucky, it is impossible to overlook the limitless potential. 

He posted nearly 6,000 yards, completing 69.2% of his passes. Not only that, but he threw 62 touchdown passes. Yes, he threw 62 passes resulting in touchdowns, which is a NCAA record. 

Jones had a phenomenal senior season at Alabama, however recently he has looked sluggish in the NFL. While it is challenging to compare the two due to the lack of NFL experience for Zappe, I still would lean toward him under center.

Despite Mac’s exceptional first season leading the offense, I think that placing him in charge at the current time is a mistake. I think Zappe could potentially be better than Mac, we just need to get him into the game.

This debate will likely be shown again in the coming weeks, as the Patriots look to rebound from a slow start.