Bruins face backlash from controversial signing of Mitchell Miller


Courtesy / Wikimedia Commons

Patrice Bergeron had some strong comments on the signing of Mitchell Miller

Audrey Jackson, Crier Staff

The Boston Bruins are off to an unbelievable start to the 2022-23 season with a total record of 14 wins and two losses, along with a franchise breaking record of nine consecutive wins at home. 

The Bruins star David Patranak is currently leading the team with nine goals and 16 assists, equalling out to a grand total of 25 points in only 16 games. Shortly behind him, in just his second season with the Bruins, Hampus Lindholm does not hesitate to make a name for himself. Not only has he defended the blue line, he has picked up four goals and 13 assists, totalling out to 17 points in 16 games. 

Although the Bruins are off to a great start, I’m sure they are stoked to see their star defender, Charlie McAvoy back in the lineup. After a long awaited return, McAvoy made his season debut November 10 against Calgary. Just as the fans expected, he wasted no time putting the puck in the back of the net. 

The Bruins have a lot to look forward to this season. NBC Sports has even compared this year’s Bruins roster to “The Last Dance”. With the core of the Bruins becoming older, it’s in question if this will be their best year yet. 

Under the new head coach, Jim Montgomery, the players have been able to thrive in a new, exciting environment. He has already shown incredible support of his players, as well as allowing his players to buy into what he believes in. 

Montgomery made a statement on Marchand after his early return, “You could tell he was a little rusty in the beginning, he wasn’t handling pucks cleanly. And boy, the last 30 minutes, that was special.” 

It is evident how much Montgomery believes in his players and wants them to succeed, even incredibly early in the season. Another topic that the Bruins fans are raving about, is the announcement that the 2023 winter classic will be held at the historical Fenway Park. As mentioned before, this season is more than just a talented team. Could this really be the Bruins last dance? 

On the contrary, the signing of Mitchell Miller has raised many doubts and confusions to the Bruins fanbase. The concerns of the fans, and other people around the country, along with current players after the signing, did not go unnoticed. 

Bruins President, Cam Neely made a statement soon after the release of Miller’s contract. He was asked why the decision to abandon Miller’s contract was made. “Well it was a combination of everything. Certainly our fan base is upset, and rightfully so. And for me it was, it was not worth putting the organization through this any longer.” 

Neely also admitted that signing Miller has turned into one of his biggest regrets. It’s disappointing that the research on Miller was not conducted until mainly after the signing. Patrice Bergeron expressed in a pre-game interview that in order to be a Bruin, you need to exemplify a good, strong character. 

“For me, I know for myself, anyways, in this locker room, we’re all about inclusion, diversity, respect. Those are keywords and core values that we have. We expect guys to wear this jersey to be high-character people with integrity and respect. That’s how they should be acting,” said Bergeron. 

Shortly after, Nick Foligno shared a similar message with the reporters. “The culture we’ve built and these guys have built before I got here, is one of inclusion. I think it goes against that. I understand he was 14 when he made this mistake. But it’s hard for us to swallow because we take a lot of pride in here, in the way we act, the way we carry ourselves, what it is to be a Bruin. So that was a tough thing to hear for our group.” 

It’s clear that the signing of Miller was a tough pill for the current players to swallow. They wear the B on the front of their jersey proudly, and they don’t want the reputation that they’re proud of jeopardized.