20 Questions with Ruth Magana from women’s bowling


Courtesy / David Pokress

Let’s get to know junior Ruth Magana on the women’s bowling team.

Luke Sugar, Sports Editor

Q1: What is your favorite part about bowling? 

I love competing. I enjoy it a lot. Especially with the team dynamic. It’s really unique because it’s both individual and team. And just having the team there to bring you back up when you need it, I really enjoy it. 

Q2: What is the most challenging part of bowling?

I think the mental aspect. You need to be mentally strong. If you make a bad shot, you can’t let it get in the way. And you need to be completely there for your team and for yourself if you want to do well. 

Q3: How has this season been so important in kick-starting the bowling program?

I’d say it’s been really important. It’s definitely a learning process for everyone, and so, we have to iron out the kinks and see what runs smoothly and what doesn’t. But I think for the next season, we’re going to be more prepared, and everyone learned a lot about themselves and about the team.

Q4: How proud are you of this group of women for being part of history? 

I’m very proud. Most of the team are either transfers or walk-ons. So, we definitely had to put a lot of faith in ourselves and our coach. And so, for what we’ve accomplished this year, I’m definitely very proud of them because it has taken a lot.

Q5: How often do you and your teammates bowl?

We practice five days a week, and our tournaments are four days, so a lot for sure. 

Q6: What is the biggest key to having proper, technical form while bowling?

I think the most important thing is being willing to learn because most people don’t understand how much goes into bowling. There’s different types of bowling balls, different surfaces, different lane patterns that affect how the ball rolls. So, you have to be willing to try new things and be able to learn new things for your game to improve. 

Q7: What has been the message/motto that your coach has preached this season? 

That we can do it. We’re a new team with some of our bowlers bowling for the first time because they’re walk-ons. But we can do it, and we have the potential to be really good. We just have to believe in ourselves. 

Q8: What’s your major and favorite class? 

Environmental science. I really like conservation bio and plant bio.

Q9: What’s your dream job? 

I’d love to be an author.

Q10: Favorite TV show? 

My favorite TV show is Impractical Jokers. It’s so funny. And my favorite Joker is either Joe or Sal, even though Joe isn’t on the show anymore.  

Q11: Favorite meal?

Either fried rice or pasta.  

Q12: Sweet or salty? And a go-to snack?

Probably salty. And back home when I had tournaments, I loved eating popcorn. 

Q13: Favorite hobby? 

I love reading and writing.

Q14: Favorite place you’ve traveled?

My favorite place I’ve traveled would be Costa Rica on a high school trip 

Q15: Favorite spot at Saint A’s?

Probably the student center. Definitely some late homework nights in there. 

Q16: Best place to get food near Saint A’s?

I haven’t really ventured out much, but maybe Chen’s Garden. I just went there and it was pretty good. 

Q17: Favorite season? 

Definitely fall because I love when it’s cooler. I’m also from Seattle, so seeing all the New England fall colors was really pretty.

Q18: Favorite artist and song right now?

Selena Quintanilla. The genre is Tejano. It’s like countryish Hispanic music. 

Q19: What’s your favorite thing to do with your teammates outside of bowling? 

We mostly either do homework together or get meals together. But other than that, we’re mostly glued at the hip. We’ll do everything together. And our team chemistry has improved a lot throughout the season. 

Q20: What’s your message to people in life?

Don’t give up, and don’t be so serious all the time because you can have fun. Try to look at all the positives because I feel like sometimes people get so focussed on the negative.