He’s Back

Benson Furber, Crier Staff

There’s only one thing to say: He’s back. The greatest UFC fighter of all time, Jon Jones, made his return Saturday night to fight Cyril Gane, which was supposed to be a fight for the ages in the heavyweight division.

However, the fight was all one sided. Jones came out of the gate ready to go. Wasting no time, Jones landed some huge strikes, as well as a significant takedown. When Jones got Gane against the cage, a ground and pound resulted in a referee stoppage, ultimately earning Jones a Technical Knockout.

With this victory, Jones moves to 27-1-0. Now, as the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, we will likely see more of Jon Jones in the coming months. But how much longer can he sustain this title?

Jon Jones will handle this title well for the immediate time being, especially because he currently holds the UFC record for most title defenses of all time. Jones is still one of the best fighters this world has ever seen, despite the controversy that surrounds him.

When looking at his fighting style, Jon Jones has one of the most complex styles this world has ever seen. His style of Mixed Martial Arts is so advanced that there is no conceivable way that anyone can identify as an easy way to beat Jones. 

Jones only entered the fight without a title because he voluntarily vacated his title since he believed Dana White was underpaying him. Jones took a three year break before this fight. The fact that he went three years without fighting, to then take down the top ranked fighter in the heavyweight division in round one speaks volumes about how the UFC handles Jon Jones. No fighter in the league has anything on Jones.

The only thing that can possibly stop Jon Jones is Jon Jones. For example, Jones got in his own way, halting his career because he failed a drug test leading up to a fight. 

Even now, Jones isn’t free from allegations. This time, it isn’t doping. This time it’s much more serious, as Jones is facing domestic abuse allegations. In 2021, while he was away from fighting, Jones was arrested in Las Vegas on misdemeanor Domestic Battery and Felony Injuring and tampering with a vehicle. 

Virtually Jones is unbeatable, unless he’s fighting his conduct outside of the ring. If he can keep his conduct out of the news, Jones has a chance to put the UFC on notice. Nobody wants to fight Jon Jones. Maybe fighters should consider pulling a Francis Ngannou and duck fighting Jones. 

Jones’s next move is waiting for his next opponent, who was just announced. Stipe Miocic will be the next to try to take the belt away from Jones. He looks to be the first person ever to beat Jon Jones in a title fight. But Miocic has the odds stacked against him. Miocic got knocked out by Ngannou in his last fight. Essentially, the guy Miocic lost to won’t fight Jones. 

Many believe Jones is going to hold the title until he retires, but UFC is a crazy sport that can change with one significant strike. Only time will tell if Jones can keep his battles with himself at bay, allowing him to terrorize the Heavyweight division.