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15 questions with Men’s Soccer freshman Prince Ojha

Courtesy/Zachery Elliot
Freshman Prince Ojha at practice.

Where are you from?

A: “I was born in Nepal, Kathmandu and I moved here about a little over six years ago to Manchester, New Hampshire.”


 What’s your major?

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A: “Computer Science and Business.”


What are your hobbies outside the classroom?

A: “I’m really big into real estate. I’m a real estate agent myself. I like reading investment books. So a lot about self care, investments, stuff I like.”


How’s the transition been from high school to college?

A: “I’ve heard this over and over by a lot of people as well. One of the main things is time management. If you don’t manage your time, you’re kind of like just behind on everything. So, for me personally, I worked a lot during the summer and I worked a lot during high school during my real estate stuff, leading clients like you know, just doing open houses and all that stuff. And now I have this, this meeting at school and preseason. I practice twice, twice a day and stuff. It was just really hard and now you have to catch up with schoolwork and it’s just too much. So time management is key.”


What’s your go-to pregame snack?

A: “Gatorade bar.”


How does the team feel going into this season?

A: “Pretty confident! We had eight seniors who started last year so we’re in a little bit of a transitional phase. But I think we’re going to do really well. I’m not worried.”


The NE10 is tough competition. How are you preparing to handle the intensity and physicality as the season progresses?

A: “So last year, I believe coaches were saying one of the bad things or one of the worst things about the team was injury. So a lot of players-you know, good players-got injured throughout the season. We’re struggling with that. We had a great record going in were six and nothing, I believe in that. We kind of slowly went downhill from that because of injuries. So, I think we’ve tried to prevent that this year by letting, you know, key players rest a lot and not have them play as much games and have been played less than, like, less important games. So we’ll see how that works. But that’s the strategy we have right now.”


Who is you favorite professional player?

A: “It’s gotta be Messi man. Hes the GOAT.”


What’s your favorite hangout spot on campus?

A: “My friend’s room in Dom is in the basement, so its a nice spot to keep cool.”


What’s your go-to pregame hype song?

A: “‘Money in the Grave’ by Drake. Can’t go wrong with Drake. It always gets me into the zone.”


What inspired you to play soccer?

A: “I would say when I was in Nepal it was one of the popular sports. The big two were soccer and volleyball, and I’ve played both. Cricket was also a big sport. It was just kind of like you just played as a kid. It wasn’t really “normal” to not play soccer in any way. It’s just the society and the culture itself that I got into it. I just had to play.”


If you were to pick a professional player you take you game after, who would it be?

A: “Trent Alexander-Arnold or Kyle Walker.”


What’s your favorite meal at Saint A.’s?

A: “The chicken curry they had not long ago was great. I have to say that’s my favorite meal.”


 What’s your favorite off-campus spot to eat?

A: “California Burrito. That’s the best food you’ll eat off campus. California Burrito is just so good.”


What are your personal goals for this season?

A: “My personal goals are to try to play as much as I can, try to get on the field and you know, hopefully contribute something to the team.”

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