New laundry pay system causes confusion among students

Megan Pina, Crier staff

As students may or may not know, Saint Anselm College underwent a significant budget cut over the summer of 2018, with the administration currently being in need of approximately 1.7 million dollars.

Due to this sudden financial change, the budgeting committee has been immensely careful about what the next best move is, for the students, for the faculty, for the staff, and for the campus.

There has been talk amongst the individual parts of the community, concerning what had occurred and what will be done.

Therefore, some notable changes have taken effect since these events, and they concern the tuition and lifestyle of the average, everyday Saint A’s student.

There are three main areas that have been subject to change since last semester: HawkBucks, the Print Anywhere system, and laundry.

Even though these areas might seem like minor issues, they are essential elements of the life of a Saint A’s student.  Every student is consistently printing assignments, and everyone is washing laundry approximately once a week,.

The new systems of HawkBucks, PrintAnywhere, and laundry seem to be more seamless than ever before. So what is this new system?

First of all, the Class of 2022 freshmen might not be completely aware of these changes for fairly obvious reasons, but it is certainly a topic of conversation among upperclassmen.

In short, students residing on campus no longer need to transfer money into their HawkBucks account to pay for laundry, which they did using the previous system. Laundry is completely free, no more swiping the card in the card slot to pay a couple of dollars to wash one sock.

Money transferred into HawkBucks can be used for the various vending machines around campus that sell water, energy drinks, and sodas.  Students are advised to keep some money in their HawkBucks account to use should they need a beverage between classes,

Additionally, the Print Anywhere system has been made even more accessible at Geisel.

Students no longer have to wait in long lines at the printer in the library to print their assignments, readings, and papers. Now, there is a printer installed on each level of the library.

All these changes have happened due to a hike in tuition as well. Tuition got higher, so one might as well enjoy some of these basic necessities that the College is now providing.