Men’s basketball starts off 6-1; hopes for NCAA tourney bid

Jonathan Burkart, Crier Staff

The Saint Anselm men’s basketball team has been off to a stellar start to their 2014-2015 campaign. Over the course of their first six games, the Hawks have jumped to an impressive 5-1 record, despite only having two home games.

Averaging 86 points per game, the Hawks have been tearing up the court, riding a three game win streak. Senior forward Chris Santos and senior guard Roy Mabrey, who are averaging 20.7 and 18.3 points per game, respectively, have led the team. The Crier sat down for an interview with Roy Mabrey to talk about the team’s hot start.

The senior attributes the team’s success this year to their unity. “We’ve gelled together really well, which helps us move the ball a lot on offense,” the 6’2” guard clarified. He emphasized that the team was working together very well and that they were making all of the right decisions.

“Moving the ball on offense forces [the opposing team] to spread their defense, and we can expose that,” Mabrey explained. The Hawks are averaging a whopping total of 37 rebounds and nearly 18 assists per game, which is demonstrative of their commitment to helping each other out. The Hawks have also been a force to be reckoned with on defense, holding their opponents to an average of 80 points.

Mabrey attributes his successful start to the season to his, “hard work and confidence. I have to make sure that every time I go out there I’m ready to play.” He also stressed that his and Santos’ success would not be possible without the team playing so well together. “I’m thankful for my teammates. In order to have [success], there [has] to be a lot of teamwork, and we have a really good team.”

Mabrey elaborated about the importance of teamwork, stating that college basketball “is not like [the NBA with superstars]. Some college teams have a couple of players that are so-called stars, but it’s all about motion. We need to move the ball and get the right shots.” The Hawks have certainly been able to capitalize on their team chemistry and build the start to another winning season.

Last year the Hawks made it all the way to the final game of the NCAA East Regional Championship before losing 78-72 to a tough team from Southern Connecticut State. This year the Hawks look to secure another playoff spot and hopefully bring home the championship.

With the bulk of their season coming after the winter break, the Hawks look forward to continuing their winning ways. As always, be sure to come on down to the Stoutenburgh Gym to cheer on the basketball team. Go Hawks!