Athlete Profile: Matt Bremis, ’18, leader on and off the football field

Jonathan Burkart, Crier Staff

For the first edition of the 2017-18 school year, The Crier was privileged to sit down with senior Matthew Bremis. The football captain discussed his involvement with Saint Anselm athletics, his dedication to serving the community, and his reception of the prestigious Thomas A. Melucci Jr. Scholarship.

Bremis, a double major in criminal justice and sociology, is no stranger to juggling a busy schedule and multiple different interests both on and off the field.

The self-described “utility guy,” has proven his athletic aptitude for adaptability by playing in multiple positions over his four years at Saint Anselm’s. The captain is listed as a defensive lineman, but frequently fills in on special teams.

The senior jokes that, “Wherever they need me to go, I go. Whatever coach tells me to do, I do it.”

The captain’s experience and authoritative presence both on and off the field enable him to provide guidance as a role model for the underclassmen on the team. From practice to game time, Bremis seeks to have a positive influence on all of the players around him.

Bremis’ can-do attitude and poise is most evident in his extra-curricular activities, where he volunteers extensively throughout the Manchester community. Since his sophomore year, the captain has volunteered with the local Big Brother program.

He has also acted as a mentor and a role model for at-risk youths through the John H. Sununu Youth Services Center. Bremis volunteeres at the Hampshire House to teach inmates valuable life skills, and has participated in a Service and Solidarity trip to Phoenix, Arizona, where he spent a week providing meals, clothes, and other services at the André House.

When asked how he manages to balance his community service with his double major, the demand of playing Division II athletics, and his involvement in the Student Activities Center, Bremis just shrugs.

“To be honest I have no idea,” he laughs. “You find the time to manage what matters.”

In recognition for his incredible contributions and heartfelt service, Bremis was awarded the Thomas A. Melucci Jr. Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship awards full tuition to two senior students that have exhibited meaningful and substantial spiritual and personal growth while attending Saint Anselm College.

Bremis credits the tremendous role models he has had at Saint Anselm’s for motivating him to excel. Defensive line coach John Trisciani has been the only coach that Bremis has had for all four years, and he credits Trisciani with teaching him how to “act like a man.”

Bremis also cites the influence of Father Benet C. Philips, who he has had a close relationship with over the last four years.

“Father Benet always has a smile on his face, and he is always pushing people to get better,” Bremis says.

The senior explains that he hopes to emulate Father Benet’s positive attitude throughout his daily life.

After graduation, Bremis hopes to pursue a career in law enforcement. He has already completed internships with the Manchester Police Department and with the US Marshalls, and wants to continue to have a positive impact on all who come into contact with him.

He credits his service with helping him find his purpose. Bremis stresses that it is important for people to pursue their passions.

“Helping people is definitely a calling for me,” Bremis says. “I want to make a difference in people’s lives.”


Since Bremis has already touched the lives of so many people at Saint Anselm’s and throughout Manchester, it is easy to imagine the positive impact that he will continue to provide.